About Andy

Andy McCarl began learning Tai Chi Chuan in 1983 from Kim Kanzelberger with Center States Tai Chi Chuan in Kansas City. As a Theatre major at UMKC, Andy was initially interested in Tai Chi as a pre-performance warm-up exercise. The practice quickly sparked a much deeper interest.

“I remember in my first class when Kim said that the first principle of Tai Chi is ‘Relax’ – I was hooked!”

Over the next three decades, Andy kept practicing and returning to study with Kim a few months or years at a time, but a busy family life kept him from pursuing more involvement in the Tai Chi community.

“I didn’t have much time for classes, but Tai Chi kept calling to me everywhere I went. I practiced at the top of the World Trade Center, at the China Pavilion of Epcot Center, on the shores of Sydney Harbor. It was a joy to celebrate those places with Tai Chi.”

In 2013 after his children were more independent, Andy resumed his studies full-time at Center States with Kim Kanzelberger, which led to assistant-teaching Beginning classes. He also increased his areas of study to include Push Hands and Sword Form. Andy continued participating in annual Center States retreats and workshops with other Yang style teachers including Lenzie Williams, Wei-Ming Yuan, and a cherished private lesson with Kim’s teacher, Mr. Ben Lo, in May 2018.

After several years as an assistant teacher at Center States, Andy established himself as an independent teacher offering Tai Chi classes in the Kansas City area.

“My goal is to continue the legacy of my Tai Chi lineage by sharing the art of Tai Chi Chuan.”