Hi, I’m Andy. I live and work in the KC area with my wife, one of our sons, and our two dogs. I enjoy music, theater, movies and television. I read everything, but particularly enjoy fantasy, science fiction, crime, mystery, and books about humanity. I like sports, particularly our hometown Royals and Chiefs. Humor is what makes all the difference between what is good and what is great for me in life.
Oh yeah – when I’m not busy doing the rest of life, I practice, study, and teach Tai Chi Chuan.

Our Lineage

Professor Cheng Man-Ch’ing, my great-grandteacher, creator of the 37-movement Yang Style short form, and Master of Five Excellences: calligraphy, painting, poetry, Tai Chi, and medicine. 

Benjamin Pang-jeng Lo, my grand-teacher. Mr. Lo is one of the most respected of Professor’s students, due to his ceaseless dedication to maintaining and preserving the art of Tai Chi.

Kim William Kanzelberger, founder of Center States Tai Chi Chuan, my teacher, friend, and inspiration.