Silent Tai Chi Retreat

Moving in Silence

Let tai chi relax the body,
Let silence relax the mind.

-Tom Krapu, Ph.D.

The focus of this unique event is intensive, structured CMC Yang Style Short Form Tai Chi practice within an environment of silence. The T’ai Chi practice includes form for flow, standing meditation, holding postures and optional sensing hands and sword practice. The silence occurs in an isolated environment which provides a valuable sanctuary for quiet introspection and reconnection.

The combination of synchronized T’ai Chi practice with the absence of external communication helps participants find clarity, inner peace, and a stronger connection with themselves, making it a transformative experience fostering personal and artistic growth and renewal.

March 15-17 2024, Friday, 4 p.m. to Sunday, 4 p.m.
La Salle Retreat Center, 2101 Rue De La Salle Dr, Wildwood, MO 63038

Cost, Deposit and Early Payment Discounts
All options$75 Deposit required to hold a space
Before December 1st$250 (including deposit)
Before January 1st$275 (including deposit)
After January 1st$325 (Paid in Full)
All reservations are based on availability

Workshop fees include practice area, access to all public rooms in the East wing, all meals from dinner on the Friday through lunch Sunday, and a clean, private, single occupancy room with private bath (private bath based on when deposit is received, else private room and shared bathroom after eight retreatants).

The workshop is considered intermediate to advanced, but is available to anyone who has learned the Yang short form and has practiced the entire form regularly.

All reservations are based on availability. A room cannot be guaranteed without a deposit. The number of rooms is limited.

For registration or questions, click Registration, email, or text Andy at 913-488-5847. Please include your teacher/school and lineage, including where and when you began studying. Very important: include any special dietary considerations. Payment options are listed on the Registration page.

LaSalle Retreat Center images

Approaching LaSalle Retreat Center
Meeting Room
Gymnasium / Tai Chi Practice area
Single room (the mess is mine!)