Tai Chi Classes

Unlike most forms of exercise or Qigong practices, the T’ai Chi Ch’uan form is a sequence of connecting movements. It is critical to commit to attending class on a regular basis.

First Section classes teach beginners the foundational movements and concepts of Tai Chi. They also benefit students who need to solidify their comfort with the beginning postures. The classes teach postures and movements of the first section of the Cheng Man-Ch’ing Yang-style form, fundamental Tai Chi principles and energies, and basic application concepts. Classes are twice weekly, one hour each. Click for the current schedule.
T’ai Chi can be physically challenging, requiring development of balance and movement that is different than usual day to day activities. Students frequently repeat the First Section until the postures become familiar and natural before moving to the Second Section.

Each class in the First or Second Section is a lesson where new information is imparted. Consistent daily practice is where progress occurs. If you miss a class, come early to the next class to get instruction.

Second Section classes add more advanced postures to those learned in the First Section. Additionally, while the Second Section contains a similar number of individual postures, it has many more repeated movements than the First Section. Therefore, the Second Section is taught over two sessions as Part 1 and Part 2. When complete, students will have learned the entire Yang Style Short Form. Click for the current schedule.

Learning the complete form by no means concludes your journey in T’ai Chi Ch’uan studies. It is an achievement, but only the first step. “The journey of a thousand miles begins from beneath your feet.” – Lao-tzu, from the Tao Te Ching

Form Review offers corrections and more deeply explores the postures, movements, and principles of the form. Form Review deepens understanding of the postures, their energies, and their applications. Increased external and internal organization leads to improved health and energy flow.

Advanced Studies help develop a complete understanding of T’ai Chi Ch’uan. Studies include form in flow, holding postures, standing meditation, and particularly Tui Shou, or “push hands”. Tui Shou is an exercise intended for learning, not competition, and teaches the interaction of Tai Chi movement with others. Students safely get “hands on” with others in order to deepen their understanding of the principles and skills of Tai Chi, especially the concept of Relaxation. Tui Shou, done in a principled way, develops flexibility, adaptability, sensitivity, and mindfulness in an atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation. More on Tui Shou classes.

Click here for the entire Schedule.

Weapons forms such as Jian Sword, Saber, and Cane are areas of study available only for students who demonstrate achievement in the postures and principles of Tai Chi.

Private instruction is available on a limited basis. Contact Andy for details.

Events or workshops will be announced when scheduled. There is a Silent Tai Chi Retreat and Silent Meditation scheduled for March 2024. Details are on the Events page.

Class costs may vary slightly, depending on how many classes are in a session.

It is important to adopt a patient and consistent attitude towards T’ai Chi Ch’uan studies. Everyone progresses at a different rate, but consistent practice yields the best results. Many students repeat either or both Sections. It is far more critical to develop a deep foundation than to try and rise quickly through levels of study.

“Gradually, gradually.” – Professor Cheng